Studies show; You can always count(down) on Devolver

How can you grab the attention of dwindling audiences in a time of cancelations and disappointing showcases? Devolver Digital – the world’s leading employer when it comes to scienticians* – has done the math. Countdowns. Big ones. And make ’em super vague. With mechs and shit.

Now, we’ve grown accustomed to Devolver’s shenanigans by now, so most of you are expecting a punchline here. Well… there really isn’t. Because the scenario above is actually what Devolver Digital has got planned. No bullshit. But why would you trust me? Check for yourself and see if I care.

See? It’s happening, you guys. And it’s gonna be glorious. Tremendous, if I dare say. Unless you’re allergic to huge-ass robots with internal TV screens or the word “n-n-n-n-nerds”.

Now, what will the countdown lead to? Who knows? Even Nina – who should’ve been president by now – isn’t fully in the loop. But we’ll find out soon. When the “Hi, I’m Geoff Keighley and I’m super stoked about everything” event called Summer Game Fest starts hitting your dried-out consumer eyeballs.

This better be good, Devolver, or it’s the last 10/10 review for you.

*Scienticians are real. Trust me.