Following SEGA, Devolver shares pre-order plan Trek To Yomi

Don’t you think pre-order plans can become quite cumbersome and confusing as fuck? I mean, what do you get when you pre-order what? Some publishers aren’t really making things super comprehensive. Like SEGA with Sonic Origins. But hey, somebody gets how pre-order deals should work, and that somebody is Devolver.

Devolver Digital – the most American “fuck yeah” publisher out there – isn’t overcomplicating things. Forget about different editions and exclusive pre-order bonus shit that isn’t included if you don’t buy upfront (unless you buy another edition), soundtracks being sold separately that are also included, etc. Just one plan. Simple as that. In the case of Trek To Yomi, here’s what Devolver brings to the table when you decide to pre-order:

Ain’t that just neato? When you pre-order, you actually get the full base game and full credits at the end. How is Devolver not losing a fuckton of money here? They even supply the soundtrack free of charge. If this won’t make the stock market crash, I dunno what will. The next thing you’re gonna say is that it isn’t a rehash but completely original…


But wait, before you fork over your money, you might wanna see what you can expect to get. In that case, feel free to dash to my personally written Trek To Yomi hands-on preview. It even includes gameplay, showing off the first two chapters. All free of charge.