Devolver’s MaxPass+ is the dumbest, most genius service ever

Subscription-based services are so hot right now. Everyone who’s everyone joins in on ’em. EA has Play, Xbox has GamePass, Ubisoft has Plus, and PlayStation has Now. Since everybody’s doing it, it must be lucrative. The devious marketing team of Devolver Digital sure could use some lucrative deals, and therefore launched their own subscription-based service: MaxPass+. After watching 30 minutes of them trying to explain to me what MaxPass+ is, all I can say that it is as thick as two short planks. But it’s also marvelous at the same time.

So what is it and how does it work. Well, you know how all the other subscription-based services work, right? You pay a monthly fee, which grants you access to a certain catalog of games. MaxPass+ is kinda similar, but isn’t. For a monthly fee of zero bucks, you’ll be granted access to the entire Devolver games catalog, which you can then buy for the full price. To give members the feeling of acquiring premium status, their purchases will be renamed to Premium Purchase.

I know, it sounds pretty daft, but think about it. All the Devolver Digital games accessible for free and yours to play after paying the retail price. Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before? I mean, screw paying 10 to15 a month for unlimited access to a selection of games that you already own half of. Spend zero coin on the subscription and then pay money for the games that you don’t yet have. It’s quite brilliant, actually.

As you can see in the half-hour presentation above, there are quite a few Premium Purchases in the works. Take Death’s Door for example, which is coming July 20. But there’s also Wizard With A Gun, which should be coming to consoles and PC in 2022. Then there’s Inscryption, Demon Throttle, Phantom Abyss, Shadow Warrior 3, Trek to Yomi, Devolver Tumble Time… but you already knew all of that shit if you’d taken the time to watch the video above.

It also looks like MaxPass+ is a slam-dunk hit already. Merely hours after its launch, countless people have signed up for it and shown their passion. The mentioned “non-withfuckable” tape is already sold for $1,000 (yeah right…) and the purple suits worn in the presentation are also sold out. The only thing I’d wanna know is… who the emmer-shitting fuck would pay $500 for a purple suit? Who?! Anywayz, you’re still free to pre-order a nice t-shirt, tank top, or merch bundle if you feel like throwing cash at Devolver.

Does that sound like a mother-effing deal to you? Just head on over to devolvermaxpassplus.com and hit that pre-order button on the double. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe, y’all. It’s free! And as for Devolver, I can safely say that they’re now officially the Jeremy Clarkson of the gaming industry.