Deathloop has been a Dishonored game all along

Deathloop, I loved every recurring minute of it. The style, the vibes, the over-the-top abilities. Everything about Deathloop just felt… familiar, so to speak. And it turns out that there’s good reason for this familiarity; according to developer Arkane, Deathloop has been a Dishonored game all along.

For a lot of keen-eyed gamers, Arkane’s disclosure isn’t coming as a huge surprise. I mean, Deathloop is literally littered with references and easter eggs. Some might be mega obvious, others are more subtle. But it’s a confession that makes it official, and it’s out there on socials and on the Xbox Podcast.

So yeah, the trinkets, the abilities, the general vibe of the Updaam district… it all makes perfect sense now. And if you’ve been watching Colt’s idle animation with the Heritage Gun, you might’ve picked up on the Dunwall Tower logo, too.

Did I make you curious now? Are you itching to get into Deathloop to spot the Dishonored references? Well, you can. For free. Just make sure to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus to get crackin’. You will have to be in possession of a trinket called a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S to reap the benefits though.