Dead Space dev team showcasing very early proof of life

The Dead Space remake is far from being released, but doesn’t keep the dev team from showing off what they’re working on. During a dedicated live stream on Twitch, EA Motive has unveiled some very early in-game footage of the game, giving us all an impression of things to come. Even though it’s far from polished, there’s plenty to be happy about. And I’m not just talking about the graphics and the gameplay.

If you’ve missed it, don’t worry. It’s not like you’ve missed out on an in-depth gameplay session. Instead, the stream focussed on several new features that are designed to deliver an even more fucked up Dead Space experience. You know, like peeling skin off of necromorphs. Because why stop at regular dismemberment when you can also peel those fuckers like a chunk of döner kebab on a skewer.

But the ride didn’t stop there. There was also some brief talk on other gameplay modifications. According to the devs, zero gravity gameplay could use a little bit of tinkering. Even though it still defies the laws of zero gravity, navigating should be less of a hassle. Because yes, some people apparently found the entire zero gravity thing disorienting.

But wait, there is even more! The lack of real gameplay might have been a little disappointing to some, but that disappointment didn’t seem to last long. Why? Because two major questions have already been answered. First burning question: Will there be microtransactions? Luckily, the answer is a very solid ‘no’. Like the original Dead Space, this remake sees no room for extra money grabbin’. What happened to you, EA?

The absence of MTX is all pretty cool and all, but the hardcore fans all seemed to have another burning question. “Is Gunner gonna be onboard?” Yes, he is. Gunner Wright will reprise his role as Isaac Clarke once more, lending his iconic voice to our fearless protagonist. This no-brainer choice reconfirms that EA Motive is dead set on staying true to the original, without making it a one-on-one copy.

To be very clear, all of this is very early material and subject to change. Even so, it already looks pretty damn promising. Non-stop slicing and dicing with no loading screens (so no bathroom breaks for you), an MTX-free experience, and the voice of Gunner Wright? I’m all-in, EA. Now just hit me up with a sweet Collector’s Edition with… let’s say… a replica of the Plasma Cutter. Or maybe Isaac’s helmet. Although that would mean that I’d have another game to play:

Shelf Space