Take a listen at some brand-new Dead Space remake footage

In a horror game like Dead Space, good audio is just as important as grizzly graphics. That’s why EA’s Motive – responsible for remaking the cult classic – spends a lot of time getting it right. In a developer live stream held recently, the team dives into the nitty-gritty of the game’s audio. Things like weapon changes, environmental sounds, and Isaac’s breathing are all part of this next-gen Dead Space remake sound experience.

A major part of this presentation is reserved for something called the A.L.I.V.E. system, which basically controls Isaac’s breathing pattern in diverse circumstances. The original Dead Space was great and everything, but when you listen closely, Isaac’s breathing was far from realistic in it. Breathing smoothly after you almost choked to death in a vacuum chamber? I don’t think so, buddy. Stuff like that is now being handled by the new A.L.I.V.E. system, as you can see below.

Another big feature is audio occlusion. In short, audio occlusion controls in what way we hear sound influenced by the environment. That undead dude banging his head on a wall a few corridors further up might sound freaky, but with the USG Ishimura mostly made out of thick steel, that’s hardly credible when you think about it. To many, this might come across as a little nitpicky, but it can make all the difference. Don’t believe me? Check out this next video.

Fact: every good shooter needs to have punchy weapons. If your beefy hand cannon sounds like a frickin’ peashooter, it’s going to draw unwanted negative attention from the players. Now, in terms of gun sound, the original Dead Space wasn’t the worst. It was actually pretty decent. But there’s always room for improvement in this Dead Space remake, as the next video will show. You’d be surprised to see how many layers of audio it takes to create the sound of one single shot of a Plasma Cutter.

And what does it sound like when you bunch everything together? Something like this:

It might not look like much (yet), but it absolutely shows how deep Dead Space will go when it comes to immersion. In two months, Motive will delve deeper into the art design of the Dead Space remake, which is now planned for an Early 2023 release. So, don’t hold your breath for it just yet. You might start sounding like Isaac in video number one if you do…