EA not going out on a limb, decides to remake Dead Space

Remember how the not-so-happy crew of the USG Ishimura scared the living crap out of you twelve years ago? You know, in Dead Space? Well, get ready to relive your childhood trauma all over again. During EA Play, the publisher has announced it’s revamping the cult classic survival-horror shooter. And that’s pretty much all they had to say about it too.

It was an announcement that was bound to be made. Tales of “a new Dead Space” have been buzzing for a few weeks and EA took this joyous occasion to finally reveal what EA Motive – the studio that just loves space – has been working on. Unfortunately, an announcement of its arrival is all we got, accompanied by a teaser trailer. In case you missed it, let me show it to you.

So yeah, not that much to see. Apart from Isaac Clarke in his iconic suit and a target ready for dissection, disturbing noises and a logo is all we get. But do we really need more visual stimuli to bring back the gruesome memories? I think not. We all know it’s gonna be an absolutely beautiful, Frostbite-powered gorefest again. Of that, we need no reminder.

The question that remains is “when?”, and that’s a question that will remain for now. No release window has been given yet. We do know that Dead Space will launch on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 when the time is right.