After 8 years, Dead Island 2 might actually come to life in 2022

Do you remember where you were when Dead Island 2 got announced? Probably not. That one part of the brain that stored the info gathered in 2014 has likely erased Dead Island 2 as it became pointless to remember. But if you do remember the game, you might also remember how three devs have already been working on the illustrious title. But according to sources, Dambuster has actually plans to finish it. Heck, it might even launch this year. I know, it sounds bonkers, but the source is pretty legit.

The source in question is Tom Henderson. Now, who doesn’t know and trust him? As an industry insider, Tom has supplied the community with plenty of trustworthy info in the past. So who am I to judge his credibility. Anywho, according to Tom, the development of Dead Island 2 is well underway. If nothing goes wrong, it should be ready to launch in Q4 of 2022.

“According to everyone that I’ve been speaking to… the game decent state and it could be announced pretty soon with some kind of gameplay trailer,” he said.

“A release date expected to be somewhere in Q4 2022, possibly leading up to next year if there is any problems with the development cycle.”

Henderson also commented on the setting, which drops the player in a zombie-infested Hollywood after surviving a plane crash. This sort of ties in with the original plot, in which the US Armed Forces put California under quarantine.

If all info checks out, 2022 is going to be a big year for ever-postponed zombie games. With Dying Light 2 now available, Dead Island 2 should fix the emptiness that DL2 leaves behind after sinking 500 hours into it.