The fourth Dark Pictures game will be called The Devil In Me

The third installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology hasn’t even launched yet, but that doesn’t stop people from figuring out what Supermassive Games is up to next. A trademark filing has already revealed the title of next year’s Dark Pictures game: The Devil In me. The filing also gives us a sneak peek at the logo that comes with the name. Spoiler alert: it contains a skull with a compass. I hope I didn’t ruin everything for you now.

Those who are familiar with the Dark Pictures Anthology games are also familiar with the way sequels are usually announced. Both Man of Medan and Little Hope came with a reveal trailer at the end of the game, showing us what to expect next year. It is therefore quite peculiar that the name of part four is already out in the open. As of July 1, Justia Trademarks is the spoiler of sequels, given that the filing can be found there.

Of course – and luckily – the filing doesn’t tell us jack shit about the setting in any way. What it does provide us with, is the title artwork, which bears the recognizable ‘skull with the compass’. The letter V in the word devil looks somewhat stylized, with a spyglass-looking thingy dangling at the bottom. The meaning of that will probably become much clearer when The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me is officially revealed.

That reveal will most likely follow shortly after the release of House of Ashes, which should be on October 22. In House of Ashes, the Dark Pictures Anthology takes us to the 2003 Iraq War. After stumbling upon an underground ancient temple, some unfortunate soldiers suddenly have more to worry about than the war that is unfolding on the surface. Take a look at the trailer below. You’ll get the gist soon enough.