SPOILER! Elden Ring won’t have cop chases, says CD Projekt

Before you read any further, let me warn you. This post contains a major Elden Ring spoiler. It’s in the damn title, but still. I don’t want you guys to tear me a new asshole over this. Are you ready? Elden Ring won’t have cop chases. There, I said it. And so did one of Cyberpunk’s designers. If you’re wondering as to why it was spoiled, let me tell you why. Because people are still hung up over the lack of police chases in the futuristic open-world shooter and explanations were demanded.

It was supposed to be one of Cyberpunk’s main attractions, getting your ass busted by the cyber po-po. And for what? Probably because your janky ride backfired. Ask anyone from Cleveland. But even poppin’ a few caps doesn’t really draw in the cops the way you expect it to. They just spawn. Boom… out of thin air. And then they let you run. Quite anti-climactic, honestly.

But it turns out there’s a valid reason for this absence of clingy law enforcers. When asked about it during a live stream, quest director Pawel Sasko rubbed it off by saying that “all” open-world games handle it the way Cyberpunk does. And then he went and did something stupid, like mentioning other games.

“I don’t think that the Sonic or the Elden Ring open-world game will have it”.

Even though we all get that he was clearly trying to be funny here, many fans of Cyberpunk failed to see the humor of it. Maybe he should have stuck with the plan, which was actually explaining it, which he eventually did. And the reason is pretty obvious. It didn’t work out. They’ve tried, but you can only try for so long, so it got canned.

Of course, plenty of people didn’t appreciate this explanation. To some, it just feels like another one of those hollow promises. The kind that got CD Projekt RED in trouble with stakeholders. Lucky for CD Projekt, all they had to do to stop them from chasing the Polish dev down was buy them off with $1,85 million dollars. What a steal.