Cyberpunk 2077 refunds on Xbox going bye-bye in July

Are you the not-so-proud owner of Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox but haven’t you gotten around to requesting a refund yet? Well, you’d better be quick, choomba! As of July 6, Cyberpunk 2077 refunders can forget about special treatments. I mean you’ve had the chance to do so since December 2020. Therefore, Microsoft thinks it’s about time to stop making exceptions to their regular policies.

As you might know, Microsoft usually doesn’t just hand out refunds. Once a digital product has been bought and downloaded, you’d better have a damn compelling reason to get your money back. But Cyberpunk 2077 formed an exception to this rule. At launch, the game was so unstable that even Microsoft was like ‘Okay, we get it’. While Sony opted for removing the game from their store, Microsoft didn’t and left it up for sale. But the latter also believes that you’ve had enough time to return your goods.

As of July 6, all “new and existing” digital Xbox copies of Cyberpunk 2077 are no longer refundable like they used to be. Then again, you’ve had multiple warnings about the troublesome state the game was in. Buying it now, just to end up whining that it sucks ass, isn’t gonna help you much longer. Plus, Cyberpunk has had quite a few patches since its disastrous launch. The game isn’t as fucked up as it used to be (on consoles, that is).

Thus, CD Projekt RED’s futuristic shooter can finally start its road to redemption. The PlayStation Store recently gave Cyberpunk 2077 the big ol’ thumbs up again, reinstating the product page. This doesn’t mean that everything is peachy at this point. Both CD Projekt RED and PlayStation warned players that the game might still under-perform on the base PS4. I’m pretty sure that the same goes for the Xbox One S.

If you feel all nostalgic and would like to see what a dumpster fire of a game Cyberpunk 2077 used to be, check the Gamespot montage above. It’s a hoot now, but it certainly didn’t spark joy back in the day. Unless you played the game on a beefy PC, which (mostly) seemed to run just fine and dandy.