[PREVIEW] Cult of the Lamb – His Wooliness’ First Sacrament

Have you been repenting enough lately? Wait… no… let me ask you this first: Are you the religious type, to begin with? If not, let me tell you about our Lord and shave-ior Sheepus (or was it Bleatus?), the One that’ll bring you salvation. We are currently recruiting new followers of the flock and wish to re-educate you in the Wooly way. Can I interest you in a quick tour? “Wooled” you like to be indoctrinated into the Cult of the Lamb? Let me show you our ways…

You see, we do not ask much of you. We won’t ask you to kick down doors and convert people violently. All we ask of you is to contribute to our congregation and fulfill your duties to our crowned, curly Lord. In return, he will slay the wicked and organically grow the flock. The sword, unfortunately, is a means to achieve it. And for that, he must pay penance in the form of grave danger and mortality. Our adversaries are cunning and swift, but our Lord is blessed in many ways.

He was once dead, you know? Axed down, like a lamb to the slaughter. Well… quite literally, I suppose. But he was chosen, nay, exalted by a powerful deity to lead the Cult of the Lamb. The crown was bestowed upon him to lead us, guide us to greatness. And we’d like to share our beliefs with you. Do not be troubled by the seemingly violent conversion process. If you cooperate, you shall be fine.

As you can observe above, our Lord is really the one taking the risks for us. Traversing from one area to another, he does not know what peril awaits him. Evil fiends and false gods will antagonize him. But do not worry. The Cult of the Lamb will become powerful if you contribute. Do the Lord’s bidding – as he will provide you with a purpose – and become a vital member of the flock. Pray, gather resources, and make your offerings. Our Lord will thank you in his mighty ways.

You won’t be the only one helping our Lord out. Strange-looking individuals aid him in any way they can. New weapons and curses to smite the wicked litter the lands, even when those come at a replenishable price. Our savior can even learn the ways of the Tarot cards to gift him with (un)holy perks. But beware, none of this will make our Lord indestructible. As the Book of the Lamb states: “Dodgeth, or thou shalt get killeth.”

And yes, our cult might come across as feeble and insignificant at this point. As you can see in our recruiting video above, our Lord’s quest is just beginning. That is exactly why we need you to join us. Get acquainted with our goals. Seek us out on Steam. Do the Lord’s bidding and fortune will be yours when the Lord comes on August 11.