A million gamers have converted to Cult of the Lamb

Being a cute, wooly lamb does have its perk when you’re trying to acquire a following. Within the first week of opening its temple, Cult of the Lamb managed to turn one million infidels, making it one of Devolver’s most successful formulas to date. Suck on that, Scientology!

But let’s be honest, Cult of the Lamb’s success shouldn’t be coming as a surprise whatsoever. Massive Monster has been studying the art of conversion for a while now, indoctrinating us all with their Sermons of the Lamb way before the game even dropped. And who can say no to such a cute, fuzzy leader? I know I can’t, as proven by my appraisal in the review.

And even though Massive Monster greatly appreciates all the ass-kissing, it does have one favor to ask of its flock. Because no religion is immaculate, not even the Cult of the Lamb. Some of you might have spotted flaws in it and are leaning towards dissidence. But the devs can’t let you talk smack to others. So to make sure they won’t have to chain you up or sacrifice you “for the greater good”, their confession booth is open for you if you want to point out the cult’s flaws (a.k.a. bugs).

So, on behalf of Devolver Digital and Massive Monster – two of the greatest leaders out there today – a heartfelt thank you to all believers. The world is ours to dominate. And we have only just begun. The gospel will continue in the near future as the roadmap develops. What will the future of our cult hold? Only the Lamb knows.

Good things will come to The One Who Waits…