Devolver going out on a lamb in 2022 with Cult of the Lamb

Excuse me, but do you have a moment to talk about our great lord and savior Sheepus? You do! Well, that’s just great! You see, the diocese of Devolver Digital and Massive Monster has just released a new gospel, introducing us to the Cult of the Lamb. Wool’d you mind converting to it? I promise you it’s not as baaaaaaaahd as this intro.

Frantically searching for a fresh flock of worshippers, the cathedral of Gamescom has been chosen to uncloak the cult. During yesterday’s Opening Night Live, Devolver preached its encyclical for millions of potential followers to behold. In case you missed it (because you were praying to your current deity), I’ll post the trailer below.

As you can see, our new god is quite the persona. As the possession takes hold of our wooly master, he’s ready for his greatest purge, leaving his adversaries lamb-chopped. But there’s more to Cult of the Lamb than just being a fearless inquisitor. You gotta keep that flock of yours happy. Building settlements, performing rituals, and giving sermons comes with the territory.

So, are you still interested in joining this wonderful cult? You’ll have until 2022 to say goodbye to your current batch of infidels. Or you could just convert them as well. Saved them the eternal damnation…

Cult of the Lamb will launch on PC and consoles in early 2022. For more info, visit cultofthelamb.com.