Crytek confirms Crysis 4 in time for you to score a GPU for it

Crytek – the studio famous for making a game deemed unplayable because no PC could run it properly – has announced that the fourth installment of that series is coming. Crysis 4 is in production, be it in an early stage. Which is great news for anyone looking for a GPU that can run it smoothly. At an affordable price, that is.

This is mainly the reason why there’s not much to see yet. The only thing we got was a short teaser on Twitter, showing us some eclectic screens, the iconic Nanosuit helmet, and the number 4. If you feel like spending a minute of your life on it, feel free to press play below.

On Crysis’ official website, Crytek mainly explains why Crysis 4 is being made. Apparently, the studio got bombarded with requests, probably by people who aren’t too ecstatic with the Crysis Trilogy Remaster. I wonder why? So good job, fans. Crysis 4 will be “achieved with peer pressure”.

On top of that, Crytek has a favor to ask. If you’re one of those “even I can make an FPS like Crysis” people, Crytek is in dire need of your expertise. Since the game is in a very early stage of development, the help of some developing talent is much appreciated. So, if you’re up for it (or you know a guy who knows a guy), feel free to talk to Crytek’s human resource department. You can find them here.