Corey Barlog urges keyboard warriors to chill the fuck out

The life of a game developer is full of unwanted twists and turns. You (re)make a game, which might become epic or a total failure if you slip up. The pressure’s on since the publisher is also putting the squeeze on you. Unless you’re a Bethesda developer, of course. And to make matters worse, expectations are being created by Tom Henderson’s leaks. And when those expectations aren’t met, keyboard warriors go apeshit. Believe me, it happens all the time, and this time, the God of War team is the victim. But Corey Barlog – God of War’s game director – isn’t having it, demanding that people take a fucking chill pill.

And honestly, he deserves to do so. Because people are being total dicks (no pun intended. You’ll see what I mean). And really, I get some of it. Tom Henderson goes out leaking that Santa Monica is going to do a big reveal and then… nothing. No reveal. Canceled last-minute. Disappointing? Perhaps. But a reason to go fucknuts and send developers unsolicited, explicit images? Not really.

Unfortunately, it happened to one of Santa Monica’s female co-workers. If there’s one thing that never worked for anyone who’s after a release date, it’s releasing a pic of your fleshy turtle neck. And that’s a point that Estelle Tigani – the receiver of an unrequested cock shot – is trying to make. And Corey? Yeah… he ain’t a supporter of that either, as shown by his response to Estelle’s tweet.

C’mon, let’s face it. Developing games is starting to become a perilous job nowadays. The grounds devs are treading on are becoming more volatile by the second. This is just one example, but Ron Gilbert – director of Return to Monkey Island – is also sick and tired of this keyboard warrior bullshit, deciding not to post anything anymore. And to that, I say “good for you!”

And what might be even worse, people are justifying the excessive behavior of keyboard warriors. Because hey, if stuff hadn’t been leaked by certain individuals, nobody would have been the wiser. And if nobody knows what’s (not) coming, you won’t get angry people sending dick pics. But Corey Barlog disagrees with that. Commenting on a tweet blaming Jason Schrier for this clusterfuck, Barlog responds spot on.

And he’s right, you know. Of course, you have the right to be slightly disappointed. But does that mean that someone needs to take the fall for your disappointment? And does that mean that it’s justified to go all primal and act like a bunch of flea-carrying, butt-sniffing bonobos on Twitter? I don’t think so. We’re goddamn homeo sapens homo sapiens, for fucks sake. Act like one. Geez…