A ‘cooler’ version of the Xbox Series X launches this year

Presumably, the Xbox Series X is one hell of a cool machine. Its vapor chamber technology keeps everything inside nice and frosty, even when the game gets hot and steamy. I say presumably because I still don’t have an Xbox Series X… Anyway, my luck might change this holiday season. Microsoft has announced the arrival of an Xbox Series X that’s even cooler. The only downside to this new version is that it doesn’t run a single game whatsoever. Ya know, because it’s a fridge.

I ain’t gonna lie, they got me in the first half. Microsoft has listened to the feedback of gamers around the world, of whom many have claimed that the Series X looks like a refrigerator. So why not actually make a refrigerator that looks like an Xbox series X? In this case, we’ll be dealing with a miniature version of the massive unit that some celebs have received in the past. Celebs like rapper Snoop Dogg. And in case you missed that one, let me show you what I’m referring to.


To be clear, this is not the fridge we’ll be able to purchase. Instead, Microsoft is officially launching a mini-fridge capable of storing a couple of soda cans at best. But still, for plenty of gamers, this might just be the thing to spruce up the ol’ nerd cave a bit. Poppin’ a few cold ones after getting your ass handed over to you in – let’s say – Halo Infinite, might just soothe the wound of total failure.

But where are my manners? I keep talking about a mini-fridge without even showing it to you. Not that it takes a great deal of imagination to figure out what it’ll look like. It’s gonna be black, rectangular, and will be highlighted by some neon green accents. Got that? Alright, now let’s see if your imagination is as good as I hoped it would be.

See? That wasn’t that hard, now was it? As for now, a price tag isn’t yet given by Microsoft. I don’t even know what’ll be included with this cooler. If I could pitch a few suggestions to Microsoft, hear me out, Phil Spencer: Can of Duty, Elden Drink, Winecraft, The Stouter Worlds, Beers of War… to mention a few. All available on Day One with Game Pass of course.