Ten-hut! Company of Heroes 3 looking to deploy in 2022

Eight years. We’ve waited eight frickin’ years to get intel from SEGA HQ, but today’s the day many recruits have been waiting for. Company of Heroes 3 has finally been announced and this time it’s taking us to marvelous Italy. You know, the land of pizza, hand gestures, and some bastard named Mussolini*.

The announcement didn’t really come out of the blue though. Relic Entertainment sparked quite a bit of interest today by posting a countdown, showing sandy Italian beaches. This could mean two things: DLC or a new game in general. The latter seemed pretty plausible, given that Company of Heroes 2 dates from 2013.

Company of Heroes 3 will sport both a single-player campaign and multiplayer and people eager to try them out can now register for upcoming alpha and beta tests. In case you’d like to see some gameplay first, I’ve also got some gameplay footage for you right here.

So whaddaya say? Are you ready to get a tan while killing some goddamn nazi scum? If so, please show by making mandatory hand gestures and yelling “Eyyyyy” to your commanding officer. We’ll meet each other on the digital battlefront ASAP.


*Mussolini is not a type of pasta