Call of Duty’s Ricochet anti-cheat draws stumps with ‘Disarm’

Cheaters, everyone hates ’em. They’re the cancer of the gaming community and should be dealt with accordingly. But no matter what publishers do, they keep coming back. Banning doesn’t seem to do the trick, so what’s a company to do when their game is being overrun by malicious players? Disarm them. But don’t stop there. Make sure they’re not even able to hold a weapon in the first place. That’ll teach them.

So that’s exactly what Activision did by rolling out the ‘Disarm’ anti-cheat measure in Vanguard and Warzone. This move effectively removes the cheater’s ability to do damage with a weapon by removing it in its entirety. But it doesn’t end there. To make sure that cheaters won’t start double-fisting other players, Disarm will leave them stumped. Literally.

To be honest, I kinda like this new feature. Made me chuckle, too. But adding the loss of limbs to a war game is nome next-level PTSD shit if I ever saw it. Anywho, it’s just a game and games should be entertaining to all. And if that requires dismembering cheaters, so be it.

So, first they had you playing blindly by hitting you with Cloaking, not you’re being handicapped with ‘Disarm’. Are you still winning, son?