Vanguard’s new Champion Hill mode joinked from Xbox Series

Remember how Sledgehammer Games promised that PlayStation wouldn’t have (timed) exclusive gameplay content? Due to a SNAFU on Sledgehammer’s end, this promise has become undone, be it unintentionally. The recently added Champion Hill mode has been doing a number on Xbox Series X|S owners by making their system crash, so Sledgehammer has decided to pull the mode offline again. So much for your buttery-smooth launch, you guys.

Yeah, Call of Duty: Vanguard is a bit of a clusterfuck. Even though I’m still somewhat enjoying the multiplayer on PS5, there is no denying things went south. Code redemption issues, not being able to level properly, an abysmal campaign, pissing your Muslim fanbase off… this isn’t your textbook example of a grand CoD. It’s no wonder that Call of Duty: Vanguard is one of the worst-performing iterations in years, especially in the UK.

The news that the brand-new Champion Hill mode is making Xboxes freeze up isn’t really helping either. To be clear, the crashes only occur on the Xbox Series X and S. The Xbox One seems to be unaffected somehow. Still, bad news spreads faster than the Omicron-mutation of COVID, so Sledgehammer saw no other option than to pull the mode offline.

Oh, Sledgehammer… if only you would have tested your game properly. You could have saved yourself the humiliation by publishing a refined and properly polished game. You know, like DICE did with Battlefield 2042. I mean, that game’s lit, wouldn’t you agree*?…

*You know I’m being sarcastic, right?