CD Projekt gets lucky, settles Cyberpunk lawsuit for $1.85m

$1.85 Million dollars, that’s all it took for CD Projekt RED to rid itself from whining investors. After a long, harsh trip to court, it took the Polish Cyberpunk 2077 developer a little under 2 million to get angry stakeholders to back off and drop all claims. And if you’re thinking “dude, that’s one big heap of cash”, you’re right. Except it isn’t when you put things into perspective.

Think about it for a minute. $1.85 million big ones. That’s like … *doing math* … one dollar per bug on Day One. And if you compare it to the amount of money that Cyberpunk 2077 brought in, it’s peanuts. Check this out. Cyberpunk made a whoppin’ $563 million in its first month alone. Sure, it had to spend 2.2 million on its Help Me Refund campaign, but that still leaves a metric fuckton of money.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m really not trying to hate on Cyberpunk here. Truth be told, I had a blast with it on PC and hardly ran into any game-breaking issues. My playthrough on PS5… that’s something I don’t really want to talk about though. But honestly, CD Projekt has been hard at work to make the game better ever since, all whilst corporate is breathing down their necks.

But let’s just look at the facts here. Even if you absolutely adore the game and the team behind it, you have to admit that they’ve been thrown a softball here. A little under 2 million and it’s done? You’d almost wonder how serious those charges were in the first place.

Aaaaanywho, at least CD Projekt can focus on the future instead of angry investors. A future full of next-gen versions and more bug-fixing patches. After all, isn’t that what we all demand, a game that runs as smoothly as it was once presented? One that would make Keanu Reeves proud, even though he never played it or never will…