Call of Duty: Vanguard gameplay vid is here, and it’s glorious

For some, Call of Duty is almost like a religion. Every year, gamers around the globe are eagerly waiting for a glimpse of what’s to come. With the official reveal of Call of Duty: Vanguard fresh in our memories, Activision isn’t waiting around. Because nothing ramps up the pre-order sales more than actual CoD: Vanguard gameplay footage. Well, it’s out in the open already, and it really shows off its destructive nature.

The lengthy gameplay video shows us roughly 9 minutes of the single-player campaign, in which we get to control four characters. For this video, the Russian operative Lieutenant Polina Petrova of the 138th Rifle Division is being highlighted, as she scours the ruins of what used to be the glorious city of Stalingrad.

So, whaddya think? I must say, I’m pretty stoked about it and I can’t wait to get my hands on Vanguard. Fortunately, that opportunity arises swiftly, as the alpha test will kick off this weekend, exclusively on PlayStation. It’ll only give us access to the Champion Hill mode, but hey. At least it’s something.

Before I go, there is one tiny thing that needs pointing out. Take another close look at the Vanguard gameplay trailer and tell me if you spot anything out of the ordinary. I’ll wait…

And? Did you see it? Or rather, did you miss something in it? I’ll give you a hint: Activision. That’s right. There’s no mention of Activision whatsoever. No logo, no “Activision presents”, no nothing. According to Activision, this was done for creative reasons only. But there could be more to it. If only I knew what that was. I mean, it’s not like Activision has acquired a bad rep lately.