Call of Duty dev rolls out Cloaking, helping you cheat a cheater

It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise when I say that Call of Duty’s multiplayer – Warzone included – is a goddamn cesspool. People trying to have an honest multiplayer experience should look elsewhere. In other words: cheaters are having a field day on CoD’s servers. Most of us effing hate it, and apparently, so does Activision. While the Ricochet anti-cheat program tries hard to reduce the impact of cheaters, honest Joes are still getting shafted on a regular basis. So why not cheat the cheaters? That’s where a new measure in Call of Duty – Cloaking – comes in handy.

The name basically says it all. Cloaking… well… cloaks players. But it only cloaks fair players to those who don’t seem to play that fair. Once a cheater has been detected, all the honest players in the game become undetectable. Invisible, inaudible, the whole nine yards. The frickin’ asshole won’t even know what’s coming. So if someone is spinning around frantically, shouting “Who the fuck just shot me?!”, you’ll know: he’s cheating.

To be fair, this Cloaking thing is exactly what Call of Duty needs. For some reason, thousands of players around the world feel the need to impress others by winning the illegitimate way. According to Activision, 54,000 accounts were suspended during the last ban wave. During the previous one in mod-March, 90,000 players got their accounts banned.

The question that lingers in my seemingly limited brain is “why?” Is it really that great to win at all costs? Does it really satisfy your needs, ruining other people’s experience and knowing that you only won because you cheated? I dunno man, but if you ask me, it’s kinda sad.

But hey, I guess sad people get attracted to sad games, like Warzone. Don’t get me wrong, it might be one helluva battle royale shooter, but man… Godzilla and King Kong? Really? I remember gamers going totally apeshit over a Santaclause skin in Battlefield 2042, but this is legit? Aight. I must be getting too old for that shit…