Bowser is being sued by Nintendo for malpractice

Every Nintendo fanboy, fangirl, or fan-individual knows that Bowser is somewhat of an asshole. He’s the ultimate mean bastard, while Mario is the celebrated hero (which he actually isn’t). Still, Bowser plays a big part in Nintendo’s success story, so they might as well show him some TLC. I mean, even Nintendo of America’s president is named Doug Bowser. But it turns out though that not all Bowsers are appreciated by Nintendo. Especially the hacking and pirating kind. That kind of Bowser tends to get sued.

In this case, we’re talking about Gary Bowser, the alleged leader of a piracy group called Team Xecuter. According to Nintendo, Bowser has been making and selling an operating system called SX OS, which allows people to play pirated games on Nintendo Switch. Obviously, Nintendo isn’t too “ureshii” about that. The result is a filed lawsuit in Seattle.

Nintendo also claims that this is not the first time that they’re being inconvenienced by Bowser. Their beef goes way back to the original Nintendo DS days. Allegedly, Bowser also did some trafficking of circumvention devices back then. It’s almost as if Bowser doesn’t know when to quit. He just keeps coming back for more mischief. Where have I seen this before?

Nintendo didn’t specify how many gold coins they’re trying to shake out of Bowser. The company did share that they’re looking to get $2,500 and $150,000 per violation of two different laws. Nintendo is also trying to receive actual damages and Bowser’s alleged profits if they can be proved during the trial. If Nintendo claims the victory in this suit, that could rack up some major moolah for the Japanese giant.

Then again, Bowser should have seen this coming from a mile away. Nintendo is notorious for its legal pursuits and its tenacity in hunting down infringers. It’s a good thing that Nintendo Land isn’t an actual country with a police force, or we’d see a lot of this shit going on: