Bobby Kotick again under fire, accused of knowing all along

What do Activision CEO Bobby Kotick and Ahmed the Dead Terrorist have in common? Both have had better days and have threatened to kill people for not shutting up. The former of the two is also now known for keeping shit under the wraps, according to multiple sources. In fact, many claim that Bobby knows more than he lets on, making him an accomplice in the never-ending sexual harassment scandal.

One of those sources is the Wall Street Journal. While Kotick persists that he was totally unaware of it all, the WSJ claims to have evidence that tells otherwise. That evidence mostly consists of interviews with former employees and internal documents.

Of course, Activision’s spokespeople are quick to rebuttal these claims by saying that a CEO of such a big company can’t possibly be kept in the loop of everything that happens. And honestly, that sounds kinda fair. Until Bobby stopped an accused employee – Treyarch co-head Dan Bunting in this case – from getting the boot in 2017. Yep, the same Dan Bunting that has now resigned. Coincidence? I think not.

But that was 2017. Shit is going down for a helluva lot longer, we now know. In 2006, Kotick also experienced a lapse of judgment after threatening to kill a female employee. According to a spokesperson, Kotick eventually apologized for the unfortunate voicemail. Still, that’s some serious damage.

The ABK – Activision Blizzard King Workers Alliance – has had it with the CEO. According to them, the damage sustained is irreparable while Kotick stays on. The only way to move forward is if Bobby packs his shit and leaves. And let’s be honest, he already knows what it feels like to make minimum wage because he asked for it.

Man, I need a bigger bucket of popcorn for this…