[BLOG] F1 2021 – Whatever will happen, blame Verstappen

Since I was a little boy (still not that big now in height…) I have loved sports. From soccer and basketball to ice hockey and boxing, but most of all:  I love cars! Everything about them and everything car-related. Thank god I also like gaming, because it turns out I am not very good at sports… Who doesn’t have a recollection of themselves derpin’ along to the opening credits of EA Sports, “it’s in the game”? But besides FIFA, here they are again sticking their red booze-filled noses into my favorite F1 racing game

Fair enough, I have not once been triggered to pay more real-life money in order to receive virtual in-game credits. So kudos EA! Maybe you’ll reclaim your place as my favorite sports studio after all! 

As for now, F1 2021 is a dream come true for the Formula 1 enthusiast. Never has there been an F1 game so detailed and realistic as this title. It’s utterly fantastic! I’ve grown into a hardcore fan of Codemasters as much as I am a hardcore fan of Schumacher in his McLaren and Ferrari days, not to forget my homeboy Verstappen! Because tell me, who is 19 points above the untouchable Hamilton in the current standings?

Sadly enough, Codemasters felt the need to share their view on the current season of F1 and force their opinion down our throats with a funnel. While Verstappen and Hamilton both started out on a whopping 95 overall, practically every crash so far was blamed on Max. With each crash, he lost a point till he hit his low point in a recent update: a somewhat disappointing 92 overall.

Hamilton lost only one point this season, leaving him solid on a 94 overall. But fear not, my fellow F1 fanboys, for Codemasters is on the tour of redemption. Only 2 days after Verstappen won the Mexican Grand Prix, a new update went live. This update puts Verstappen back on equal grounds with Sir Hammy.

Codemasters did not share any comments as to the possibility of a new update before the end of the Formula 1 season. Like always, I will hereby share my opinion although nobody ever seems to ask for it: hold off the new update until the last 3 races are over. Equality gives all gamers a fair playground when we want to race our heroes.

As for the next few weekends I am not available for comments, this season has been nothing short of a constant spectacle, and that is exactly what this sport needs. The fact that this year even ‘muricans come together to watch F1 as if it were NASCAR, kinda says it all!