[BLOG] Dreaming of the future, cringing over the past

With 2022 well on the way, it is a good moment to see what tickles our fancy in the upcoming year, and what kinds of magic we were presented within the last year. Personally, I believe 2021 was not the best year we have seen overall. Many titles were postponed, while others were rush-released and simply did not deliver. Hold on to that feeling and join us on a journey to the future. A future where you simply can’t stop believing.

First off, 2021 was a year that did not lack giant hyped releases of enormous titles from even bigger studios. Battlefield 2042 and CoD: Vanguard are some prime examples. Besides being more of the same shooter format, these titles actually did not show an improvement from their previous installment. And that without considering the fact that both games take up enormous chunks of disk space, practically filling your entire PS5 hard drive. Although Battlefield gives you great maps with even better visuals, here at Instakilled, we were not quite sure it lived up to the promises made in the years building to its release.

It goes without saying that Rockstar made a whoopsy in releasing the definitive edition of the GTA trilogy prematurely. Loads and loads of bugs made the game practically unplayable. And the developer comments found by PC gamers showing us stuff we were not supposed to see… sloppy work, kids.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was as wonky as this dude’s arm

We all remember how the Mafia definitive edition was released in 2020 by 2K. A genuine pearl from the past, rebuilt from the ground up. Yes, it was a complete rebuild and the GTA trilogy clearly is not. But that is a choice Rockstar made willingly. Ask full price for the cheapest way to make the product sellable in 2021. To add insult to injury it took Rockstar two full days to fix minor issues in the code and by that time the modding community had fixed many of the major issues themselves.

Thank god 2021 also had a few great surprises in store for us. I remember Patrick was going to write a piece about Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Truth be told, he did not seem all that excited to me. Fast forward one day and he was praising it like he saw titties for the first time. In a man’s mind, you cannot get a more sincere hallelujah. Ratchet & Clank reminded us why we started loving games as a youngling without feeling childish. It grew with the audience which is awesome and not an easy thing to accomplish.

Another surprise was found in the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise. I cannot write anything to do Capcom enough credit. It is totally different than the previous game, but man is it beautiful! If you have not played it yet, take this free tip of the year and buy it. You shall not regret it!

So, onwards to the New Year. Instakilled is ready for a year filled with great anticipating titles. For instance, we will be treated to Dying light 2, a game we’ve all been waiting for for so long. If you’re totally oblivious to it and would like more information on the matter, read my previous post on the game here.

For the race fans out there we will finally get a new Grand Turismo. Took em long enough! While the bitter aftertaste of GT Sport still lingers in my throat, this one is looking very promising.
Codemasters has not confirmed a new Formula 1 game yet. With the number of rules changing in the sport this year and a completely new car, it seems highly unlikely they will not come up with a new version of the popular racing simulator game.

Furthermore, we are stoked about Horizon Forbidden West. The previous game was a beauty and the follow-up is set to become even better. We are also looking out for God of War Ragnarok, one of the games set to be released last year. Although it should release somewhere in 2022 we have not yet received the confirmation of the solid release plans from Sony interactive.

The same goes for Skull and Bones, a game that has been postponed numerous times. And with the turbulent waters that Ubisoft currently sails, it will probably not set sail before this year is over, with a vague release date set at 2022-23 ish…

Keep a close eye on Instakilled for more gaming news and reviews of the games mentioned above. For now, we wish you a happy New Year filled with all the games your heart desires.