Netflix and Take-Two are diving deep into a BioShock film

First, there was word of a BioShock film, then there wasn’t. Now, confirmation is there. BioShock is being turned into a film. Given Netflix’s current way of dealing with movie adaptations, may I ask one thing? Would you kindly not fuck this up, Netflix?

As some of you might recall, this is not the first time that we see a BioShock flick being pitched. Way back in 2007, when BioShock was still hot business, Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinsky felt like jumping into the deep end of the BioShock movie pool. But that attempt washed ashore because studios reportedly believed that an R-rated version wouldn’t float with the audience. Apparently, things have changed, and Netflix doesn’t mind taking on this Big Daddy of a project. At least, that’s what the official Netflix Geeked account on Twitter says.

Is there anything else we know about this Netflix BioShock film thing? Not really. No writer or filmmaker is currently attached to the project. Therefore, there’s no real way of making comparisons. If the Netflix Geeked post serves as a guideline, we’ll be seeing a film that sticks close to the original game script. Why else would they be posting a Big Daddy image and an Andrew Ryan quote?

Honestly, I hope it will. If we’re to believe BioShock’s original creator – Ken Levine – movie studios weren’t really pitching the greatest ideas back when. Apparently, some famous and “very talented” filmmaker even had the audacity to ask if the whole underwater thing was really necessary. Fo realz, bro? Have you ever played BioShock?

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on this Netflix joint when more details rise to the surface. Let’s just hope that Netflix won’t cast some BBW* to play the little sisters.

*Big Black Women, for all you non-pervs