Bethesda is picking up Steam after aborting its own Launcher

Don’t you just hate it when your PC gets bogged down by all those game launchers running in the background? There used to be simpler times, but now we have Steam, Epic Games Launcher, GOG Galaxy, Ubisoft Connect, EA Origin, and Bethesda.net Launcher to deal with. Well, good news is coming if you’re hoping to reduce the number of launchers running on your system. One of them is about to get pulled. Bethesda is aborting its launcher this year, picking up Steam as its successor.

If you’re in possession of at least one Bethesda game that utilizes the Bethesda.net Launcher, you already got the memo. Without really explaining why, the now Microsoft-owned publisher thanks us for our support and tells us what to do to keep our games. Short answer: migrate that shit to Steam.

That migration process should go rather painless. Starting this April, migrating should take care of your game library and the contents of your digital Wallet. Bethesda ensures us none shall be lost, not even save games. Some games might require a manual transfer of saves. Ain’t got much time in April? According to Bethesda, your games should run fine until at least May. Just don’t wait too long, okay?

But what about your Bethesda.net account? You get to keep it, since some games still require you to log in to it. Plus, Bethesda.net as a website isn’t going away, so you’ll be needing it there, too.

Do you have any questions? Sure you do. Therefore, Bethesda has opened up a comprehensive FAQ for you to browse. Your answers might be found there. Good luck with the move, everyone. Here’s a nice moving box for y’all.