A BD-1 Lego set has been spotted and confirmed

Star Wars and Lego, the two seem to be inseparable. They’re like two 4×1 tiles, snuggly joined together and waiting for you to wreck your fingernails on. And that comradery is still going strong today. At least, that’s what the presumable coming of a BD-1 Lego set has been trying to imply for some time now. And those implications just got reinforced by a brand new listing on the Lego website, right after it got spotted on the Walmart app

Of course, the Walmart listing didn’t necessarily form indisputable evidence. Because let’s be honest, a listing in the Walmart app – that wonderful store where you can get a box of Lego and a few boxes of 5.56×45mm NATO cartridges at the same time – doesn’t mean shit. But hey, hope keeps the spirit alive, unlike 5.56×45mm NATO cartridges. And if you don’t think so, ask any parent that’s shopping for kid-size bulletproof vests. What… too soon?

Anywho, we were talking about Lego and BD-1. According to Instagram user 1414FalconFan – obviously a Star Warsian – this was the alleged Walmart listing.



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And what do you know, it all checks out. Now listed on the website of Lego, all of 1414FalconFan’s info is confirmed. The BD-1 Lego set is officially no longer a rumor. 

What immediately stands out is the absence of a Cal Kestis mini-figure. It ain’t a big deal, but it would’ve been nice, I guess. Then again, what do you expect to get for $99.99? You’re already getting 1062 bricks for that, including some of those nail-breaking 4×1 tiles. And when you’re done, you can display your BD-1 alongside that Wall-E Lego set and convince everyone they’re distant relatives.

We can expect to see BD-1 hit the shelves on August 1.