Bayonetta 3 – Soon available for the prude and fragile

You might not know it but there’s quite a bunch of people who really like Bayonetta. Maybe it’s because of the high heels. Or the fact that she can dual-wield a pair of pistols like a pro. But most likely, it’s because of her wardrobe and the fact that she tends to shed it ever so often. Because yes, sex sells. And a latex-wearing femme fatale who doesn’t mind showing some skin now and then, that’s making a lot of gamers happy in pants.

But not everyone can appreciate these sins of the flesh. Playing Bayonetta should be about vanquishing the wicked and evil. Not about getting a boner. So tell me… is there a reason for her to do that bare-assed? Lord, no! Therefore, Platinum Games decided to give people the option to censor the “lewd” scenes by incorporating the ‘Naive Angel Mode’, in which Bayonetta won’t show skin.

To be clear, this is optional. If you still have the desire to watch Bayonetta strip down and show her ankles, you can still get your rocks off. And you can do so starting October 28, when Bayonetta 3 launches on Nintendo Switch