Battlefield 6 reveal confirmed, E.T.A. June 9. Hooah!

After all the recent leaks, you’d almost think that EA and DICE don’t have much to reveal. Still, that doesn’t mean that they won’t, because they will. In fact, the reveal of the new Battlefield – which I’ll call Battlefield 6 for now – is Oscar Mike and merely a few clicks away. In exactly one week, we’ll finally be able to see what the pasta-related first-person shooter has in store for us. And best of all, you won’t have to deal with stupid meme material in the middle of your presentation. Bravo Zulu!

The teaser used to announce the reveal doesn’t really tell us anything, though it does seem to match the overall appearance of the leaked material. For all of you who haven’t been following the news on the leaks, here’s a quick summary. A short video – thought to be the reveal trailer – got posted online, showing the setting and some new additions to the game. This clip confirmed the earlier leaked modern-day setting. Furthermore, suburban warfare is back on the menu. Also, a totally not fluffy, four-legged robot dog stole the show. Think of it as a quadrupedal wartime Roomba, or a Boomba, if you will. I call dibs on the trademark!

It turns out that the leaked video factually wasn’t the reveal trailer at all. Sources quickly confirmed that the leaked video was meant for internal use, showing investors what Battlefield is going to offer. Just like that leaked video, the teaser also doesn’t mention any numerals. For as far as I know now, the game should be referred to as simply Battlefield, but all might change next week.

So I guess that’s it. The balloon has gone up and all we can do is BOHIC until June 9. What are you hoping to see during the reveal of Battlefield 6? Be a good trooper and drop it in the CZ. That is Comment Zone, in case you were wondering. Tango Mike.