“DICE is good at fixing broken-ass games like Battlefield 2042”

There are certain things in life that age like a fine wine. According to EA boss dude Andrew Wilson, Battlefield 2042 is one of those things, be it that this shooter is like vinegar. EA has finally admitted that DICE’s shooter doesn’t really deliver, but it also strongly believes that it’ll eventually be a great game.

It’s probably the weirdest non-compliment you can get from your boss. “Hey buddy, your work is a total train wreck. But I know you can fix it. You’re the best at fixing your own broken-ass crap“. Renault mechanics might hear it all the time, but so does DICE, apparently. During an earnings call for Q3 of its FY2022, CEO Andrew Wilson openly admitted that Battlefield 2042 is pretty much a disappointment. But it’s not one that DICE can’t mend.

“As much as I hate to admit it, DICE’s the studio that has been able to do this a number of times now and really go back and rebuild at the core and reengage the community, as long as we do that in conjunction with a committee. That’s what that studio was so great at doing.”

To be fair, getting bitch-smacked in the face for not meeting expectations and then turning that disappointment into a success is something that DICE knows how to do. Take Battlefront 2 for example. That game got flamed harder than Anakin Skywalker when it launched. Not much later, most haters seemed to have altered their opinion.

Therefore, fixing Battlefield 2042 shouldn’t be that daunting. Have a few talks with the fans, try to implement their needs, and KABLAM! Everybody forgets that you fucked it up in the first place. Right? If it worked for Battlefront 2 – or Cyberpunk 2077, if you’re looking for more recent examples – it can work for Battlefield. Again…

But all craziness aside, we gotta give props to EA for admitting things went south. Even if it has become a part of their MO by now. Then again, it kinda had to. With investors breathing down EA’s neck, answers needed to be given, even if those answers contained the obvious “COVID-19 has really affected the development process”. And trust me, I’m not saying that it didn’t. But that still doesn’t give a publisher a carte blanche to release a broken game.

Anywho, if EA promises us that Battlefield 2042 will eventually be awesome, we could give them the benefit of the doubt. Or not. Maybe it’s time to actually make EA bleed for it so Microsoft gets wind of it and buys them. They have a taste for struggling publishers, you know?