Battlefield 2042 finally unveiled, and the rumors were true

Yes yes, mi amigos. The day has finally come. After months of waiting, speculating, and looking at meme-censored leaks, EA and DICE gave revealed the new Battlefield. We’re given cinematics, the name Battlefield 2042, and new info… but no gameplay. Not now, but soon that’ll change, too.

Okay, first of all, if you’re one of those people who put money on the name Battlefield 6 or VI, too bad. Time to pay up. But hey, don’t beat yourself up about it. You were only off 2036, which is basically peanuts nowadays. But if you went all-in on the plausibility of the leaks, you’re golden and ready to start cashing in. The beefy reveal trailer confirms pretty much all we’ve been hit with the last couple of weeks. A near-futuristic setting, an armed robot doggo, and massive maps that are ready for 128 players… all there.

But hey, maybe you’ve missed out on the trailer. Maybe you were just taking the dump of a lifetime or clapping some cheeks (or getting them clapped). I dunno, could be. In that case, I don’t blame you for not tuning in. To make sure you have more to talk about than your recent personal victory, let me share the trailer with you.

Apart from this chunky piece of cinematic eye candy, EA was also kind enough to share some deets. Turns out that the popular modes Conquest en Breakthrough are returning to Battlefield 2042. If we should believe the publisher, maps will be bigger than ever, giving room for 128 players to kill each other. A new mode called Hazard Zone is also added, as is a secret, yet to be announced mode.

Even though this is all great fun, not a single nanosecond of gameplay has been shown yet. Yeah, it sucks. I know. But fortunately, that’ll get fixed soon enough. Next Sunday – June 13 – the next piece of the puzzle will be revealed. That means gameplay, in case you were wondering. Maybe they’ll even tell us more about this secret extra game mode. Exciting, isn’t it?

P.S.: No spaghetti or other sorts of pasta were shown in the trailer.