Latest publicity stunt Ballantine’s whisky is ‘Borderlands’ insane

Do you sometimes get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside when you see Borderlands‘ Mad Moxxi? You know, that weird sensation deep in your stomach? You think of that fine body, the perfect age. And boy, she’s got some bite. Well… that might be because you just downed a quart of Ballantine’s Scotch whisky Moxxi’s image on it.

I ain’t bullshitting you, the Borderlands / Ballantine’s crossover is a real thing as of yesterday. Publisher Gearbox and booze brewer Pernod Richard had a little meeting – probably sippin’ on the funny juice – and shook hands on “a long-time partnership”. In the process of shaking, Moxxi got appointed to the role of Chief Galactic Expansion Officer.

As you might expect, this calls for a special edition bottle. At this particular point in time, I’m not aware of a release date. But I do know what that limited edition Ballantine’s x Moxxi Bar bottle o’ brew looks like. And if you below, you’ll know, too.

Now, it ain’t no Lavavulin, but when it comes to (most) Scotch, I’m like Chasey Lain: I’ll swallow it. Down the hatch. Every drop. And if you don’t know who Chasey Lain is, you shouldn’t even be touching Scotch yet. Maybe leave it to the big boys…

Oh… I almost forgot. Get your hands on one of them limited edition Ballantine’s bottles and you’ll also receive some exclusive, unspecified Borderlands 3 content. Sweeeeeeeet!