Back 4 Blood just became Great 4 Single-player enthusiasts

Back 4 Blood – Turtle Rock’s squad-based zombie slaughterfest – just became a whole lot more interesting to some. While multiplayer fans were already enjoying the undead shit out of it, soloists had to do with heavily diluted gameplay. But those days are now behind us. Why? Because of a brand new update, adding an offline campaign with progression. That’s why.

To be clear, it’s not that Back 4 Blood had no single-player element whatsoever. You could technically play it solo in Training mode, but it was kinda pointless. No progression, everything was already unlocked, and no sense of accomplishment at all.

But that has all changed. With the latest update rolled out, offliners can now enjoy the benefits of a full Back 4 Blood campaign while being off the grid. That’s just great, especially if you have zero friends.

But that’s not all. The update also comes with festive Christmas-themed skins so you can fa-la-la-la-la those undead fuckers to hell. Doesn’t really go well with the Christmas spirit, but who gives a hoot? As long as you look nice doing it, right?

So, there’s no real reason for not giving it a shot (no pun intended). You can even download it for free if you’re subscribed to Game Pass, the most sustainable live service on the planet.