Square Enix’s Babylon’s Fall looks like it already fell

Babylon’s Fall – Square Enix’s latest multiplayer hack and slasher – ain’t really making a great impression. Since its launch yesterday, the concurrent player count peaked at 650. No, it’s not missing a few zeros. It really peaked at 650, according to SteamDB. Ouch!

Now, I don’t think that I have to explain to you how that’s bad news for Squeenix. Having only 650 players in your lobby is pretty pathetic. Even Battlefield 2042 has more players. I’m quite sure that this isn’t sitting well with the publisher, who considered Marvel’s Avengers a failure. To put things into perspective, Marvel’s Avengers racked up 28,000 concurrent players at launch.

Then again, when you put a full-priced piece of shit on the market, you’re basically asking for it. Steam user reviews are currently mixed, but the critics are making mincemeat out of Babylon’s Fall. Some of those critics are calling the game “a bad PS2 port with horrible microtransactions”. Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann – who’s been in the bizz for a quarter of a decade – can’t even think of a full-priced game that made an even worse impression on him.

Oh well, maybe it’ll do better once it hits Game Pass on PC, if it ever will. It worked wonders for Avengers.