Attention kids! Controller rumble just got way better.

Controller Rumble. Force Feedback. The vibration thingy your gamepad does. For several decades, this has been the one feature that gave games a tad more immersion. Remember when you got gobsmacked by Psycho Mantis’s telekinetic powers in Metal Gear Solid 4? Yeah, maybe not, but controller rumble has given us quite the upgrade in gaming experiences over the years. But it turns out that controller rumble had much room for improvement. Someone has figured out a way how to unlock the true potential of the rumble.

Before you start, don’t get too excited. Leave your tools where they are and puh-lease don’t crack open your controllers just yet. Altering your controller hardware is not something that you should consider doing unless your warranty is already void and the hardware shows a nasty malfunction that you wish to fix yourself. The person in the video below probably doesn’t really seem to care about hardware integrity, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Are we good? Great. Let’s watch this MacGyver go at it.

The MacGyver in question calls himself Teenenggr on YouTube and he’s willing to show what playing Crysis would feel like if you hook up a giant motor to your setup. Needless to say, this kind of setup is ill-advised, but it’s damn fun to watch. Let’s see you pull off well-aimed headshots when your entire desk is shaking the place up. The poor guy even had to resort to duct tape, in order to keep his monitor in place.

Me personally, I think I’ll stick to the old-fashioned rumble in my controllers. Unlike some people on the internet, I really don’t have a problem with its intensity. If you’re still looking for more vibration in the palm of your hands, try searching the bedside cabinet in the master bedroom. I’ve been told there are force feedback items in there that lots of women seem to enjoy, even without hooking up a big-ass motor to it.