Mission FUBAR, intel on Arma Reforger de-classified by leaker

A-TEN-HUT! The top brass at Bohemia Interactive is probably going into DEFQON 1 mode because some sensitive intel has made it out in the open. Arma Reforger – a precursor to Arma 4 – was leaked on the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit, days before a planned live stream. With the entire presentation gone public, details are spreading like anthrax. And there’s lots of good news out there, especially if you’re a console gamer.

To be clear, Arma Reforger is not Arma 4. Repeat, it is not Arma 4. Instead, Reforger will serve as a precursor, giving Bohemia something to roll out some of Arma 4’s key features beforehand. One of those key features is the new Infusion game engine.

But the best part of this news is the introduction of Arma to the console community. For years, Arma served as a benchmark for military sims, exclusively playable on PC. Console gamers were basically told to suck it and practice their 360 no-scoping in CoD (or something similar). The last time I ever played a true mil-sim on console was during Operation Flashpoint. Yeah, I’m that old.

Arma Reforger leak

According to the full document, Arma Reforger takes place during the Cold War on a fictional 52 km2 island called Everon. Players can choose to fight for the US or Soviet army and establish a “persistent military career”. That career will primarily consist of making others breathn’t.

Now, let’s talk guns ‘n’ stuff. This is what we know. Arma Reforger has got some. Not a shit ton, but some. Divided across 3 factions, 6 vehicles (with 18 variants), 5 weapons, 2 types of grenades, and 13 dedicated combat roles are to be found. Like I said, not that much, but it’ll do.

There’s also good news for the modders among us. Like most Arma installments, Arma Reforger will also come with full modding support.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear release date in sight. But that might just change after Tuesday, May 17  at 2pm ET/ 7pm BST. That’s when Bohemia Interactive has its official briefing planned.