[PREVIEW] Anger Foot – Twelve inches a rave

It came out of nowhere and instantly grabbed me by the ankles. Anger Foot – Free Lives’ latest genius brain fart – pretty much barged in with no advance notice. But the best part of this surprise attack has got to be the demo that comes with it, giving me some time to kick it until the full game drops in 2023. And boy, does it pack a punch. That’s twelve inches of ultra-aggression, fueled by energy drink, and apparently, a missing shoe.

Now, let’s be honest. This hardly needs a story to make it work. You are Anger Foot, a training suit and balaclava-wearing dude who likes to talk with his feet. For some reason, a Goo Cop and an organized crime network in Shit City rub you the wrong way. So you decide to rub them the only way you know how, by cramming your heel into their faces. If a gun conveniently makes it into your hands… great! That’s just a bonus. But your left foot, that’s the real weapon here.

And that makes for an action-fueled first-person “Knock-Knock. Who’s there? My foot!” adventure. Every room is a mystery to you until you kick the door down. Behind it might be one dude. There might be more, even armed with firepower. You won’t know how fucked you are until that door goes bye-bye. And it will go bye-bye. Anger Foot compels you. It knows how to keep the rush coming, if only by forcing some psychotic techno beats down your hearing canals.

The truth of the matter is that this might become a bit of a drag at some point. But history has taught us that even repetitive gameplay – if presented right – can keep you invested for a long time. Take that other ‘bust a door and start blasting’ shooter, Hotline Miami. Things couldn’t be simpler than that and it acquired a cult status. Now, I’m not saying that Anger Foot has that same potential. But the demo has shown me that Free Lives does try to mix things up enough to make it less predictable. Plus, making Anger Foot pretty mortal keeps him on his tippytoes, too.

Yeah… Anger Foot. I like it. A lot. It’s smooth, it’s fast, it’s demented, and it’s one hell of an experience. Watching enemies crump all over your dead corpse will even make dying fun. And tell me, when was the last time that a game made you feed your girlfriend popcorn with your feet? Precisely. That alone should make you wishlist the game on Steam. But if you’re still in doubt, just down the demo, kick back, and don’t relax. It’ll be worth it.