[BLOG]The Amouranth Meltdown – Red Light/Red Flag

“Look at that girl being all pretty and showing off her attributes! I wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks to get some personal attention from that one…” This, my dear reading friends, is what one might say to another while walking down Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Every single one of those ladies sitting in their red-tinted fun cubicles seems to be enjoying every minute of your attention. And if you up your game and pay for the extra mile, she’ll even make it worth your while as her manager forces her to do whatever is needed. Sadly though, I’m not painting a picture of a pimp-owned hooker who enjoys having more men than you’d expect. This is the world that Twitch-streamer Amouranth has landed into. And the fact that the description above applies to her is – quite frankly – shocking, even if we could have seen it coming from a million miles away.

It’s a news story that nobody wishes to ever read, but one that has been a long time coming. Twitch-streamer Amouranth – whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa – seems to have it all. Millions of followers and popularity that’s off the charts. Like many other female streamers – and mind you, I’m not saying all female streamers – she is well-known for her distinct ‘features’. And honestly, I get why that works. As the Romans once said: “Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses.” What they forgot about were boobs.

Anyway, with popularity skyrocketing on streaming platforms and OnlyFans – because you gotta have that too, nowadays – you’d expect Amouranth to be living the dream. But looks can be deceiving. Because if there’s one thing that we now know about her, it’s that she’s been living a nightmare. A marital hell fueled by the lust for money. One that touches on the border of straight-out prostitution.

It all started relatively innocent like it mostly does. “Just say that you’re single, that’ll have those boys worshipping the water you bathe in. Make them want you more than a well-filled bank account. We’ll be goddamn rich before you know it”. Those might not have been the exact words of Kaitlyn’s husband/financial manager, but it covers the load. And let’s face it. That’s the oldest trick in the book. All those pretty barmaids in the club that flirtatiously ask you if you want another drink… they’re not into you. They’re trying to make a living by making you believe you have a chance with them. It’s become a business model on its own.

But sometimes “managers” take things too far. What started off as a white lie for selfish gain ends up becoming a hostile situation. Once the big money pours in, some get drunk with power. It unleashes the inner pimp in them. Love for a person turns into a desire for wealth. And Amouranth is probably just one of the countless women out there who’s suffering the consequences of a business opportunity gone south.

Unfortunately, she has gotten herself into a position where she had no other option than to make it public. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of the meltdown on Twitch, which you can see snippets of throughout this article. The voluptuous redhead who often got perceived as a girl who could have anyone she wants, just wants one thing: a life. Preferably one in which her significant other isn’t making her pose in front of millions of horny dudes. Because honestly, if you believe that every single big-titted streamer is doing it because she loves being objectified, this proves otherwise, even though I’m pretty sure that some of them absolutely do.

And before we end this blog with questions like “Why didn’t she just leave him then?”, please educate yourself. Abusive relationships are – unfortunately – way too common. If you’re not into one, you can’t start to fathom the emotional stress that it brings. First of all, insecurity plays a major role in it. Hell, I’m even willing to say that most streamers who are in it for the attention are in it because of that same insecurity. All that attention drowns out your low self-esteem, even if it’s only temporary. But it’s also that same low self-esteem that can be weaponized by the abuser.

Because that’s what’s happening most of the time. “You wanna leave me? Go right ahead! Where are you gonna go? I’ll tell everyone what you did, whoring yourself out online…” The fear of being left alone by everyone is often greater that the pain of being abused. The shame, the feelings of guilt… they all outweigh the burden of a violent partner. And I know that’s hard to understand if you haven’t ever had to deal with it, but trust me, be glad you’re not dealing with it.

As for Amouranth, I hope her painful experience leads to more outings. Maybe, just maybe, her breakdown might have a silver lining to it. Because if there’s one thing that we – as a society – should never tolerate, it’s abuse in any shape or form, regardless of the gender who’s suffering from it.

So please, if you suspect that anyone you know might be suffering from it, be there for them. Unconditionally. Knowing that you’re not alone makes stepping out of a toxic relationship that much more bearable. And if you’re actually stuck in one of those situations, let your voice be heard. It won’t be easy and it won’t solve all your problems instantaneously, but staying silent will achieve the exact opposite.

Stay safe, people.