Are you ready to go Alone in the Dark again?

Alone in the Dark – the game that defined a genre – is getting ‘reimagined’. During THQ Nordic’s digital event last Friday, Pieces Interactive took the opportunity to shed some light on their 4-year project. Ironically, the first thing that stands out is the fact that you won’t be alone at all. Alone in the Dark will tell the story from the perspective of two protagonists. So technically it should be Together in the Dark.

As the word ‘reimagining’ tends to imply, this take on Alone in the Dark won’t be a one-on-one carbon copy of the original. Think of it as “a love letter to the original”, as THQ likes to put it. So even though it won’t be an exact repeat, we should expect to deal with “strange and interesting characters, a dense atmosphere and thrilling combat” in a third-person horror setting. And given the fact that SOMA and Amnesia director Mikael Hedberg has teamed up with Pacific Rim monster designer Guy Davis, it’s obvious that we could potentially have one helluva horror game in the works.

Like I said, Alone in the Dark won’t be a one-man show. Instead, we’ll get the chance to explore the mansion of Derceto as either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood. After the disappearance of Emily’s uncle, Emily partners up with Edward – a private eye – to find answers at the mental asylum. Now tell me, have you ever heard of a story revolving around missing people in a mental asylum that was all happy-happy, joy-joy? My point exactly. A point reaffirmed by the published gameplay trailer down below.

Now, the main question: When are we heading out in the Dark? Unfortunately, that is still very unclear. But if you’re desperate to get your hands on Alone in the Dark, feel free to stop by the THQ Nordic stand during Gamescom. A stand-alone playable teaser will give you an idea of things to come. And don’t worry, it won’t spoil anything since it serves as a prologue. When it comes to final gameplay, THQ Nordic would rather keep you ‘alone in the dark’ for now.