Oi, wanker! Those are some Silent Hill pics, innit?

There has been a development in the Silent Hill landscape. According to leaker AestheticGamer – a.k.a. Dusk Golem – the now removed pics that were shared on Twitter prove that a new Silent Hill is in the works. And even though claims like these are quite common and plenty get debunked, these seemed to break the silence.

Now, first and foremost, keep your salt shaker within range. Everything posted below should still be considered a rumor. Nothing has been confirmed by Konami and the credibility of the leak is being scrutinized by some big names. Even people once involved in Silent Hill are having some serious doubts.

Anyway, let’s see what we got here. AestheticGamer, or Dusk Golem, isn’t new to the leaking business. Back in the day, when Resident Evil Village was still unnamed and only referred to as RE8, it was this individual that shared some juicy (and mostly correct) details. Therefore, AestheticGamer has acquired the reputation of being somewhat legit. So when alleged concept art for a new Silent Hill gets posted, some people tend to take that very seriously.

Things get even more interesting when AestheticGamer’s account got blocked because of a DMCA notice. Plus, if these pictures show nothing special and are total horse shit, you wouldn’t expect someone to have them taken down. Yet someone did have them taken down and that someone is the copyright holder. But that doesn’t mean that those images are gone forever. Not with millions of copy/pasters browsing the interwebs and visiting Reddit.

Now, what makes this specific image so interesting? Well, there are a few things worth mentioning, with the signature being one of ’em. If the signature is legit, the one signing it in 2020 was Masahiro Ito, the monster designer and art director for the original Silent Hill trilogy. To some, that’s more than enough proof, but others are doubting the authenticity. “It just isn’t Ito’s style” is something that gets dropped a lot on Reddit.

The other interesting detail is the writings on the wall, which have an odd British vibe to them. People familiar with Monty Python – and Life of Brian in particular – can easily spot the reference to a well-known quote from that film: “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”. Does that mean that this game – Silent Hill or not – is going to take place in the land of fish-‘n’-chips and crooked teeth? Who knows. The word ‘minger’ in one of the other images seems to corroborate it.

But let’s be honest here. None of this confirms anything. As far as I can tell, these could just be random images and not Silent Hill-related whatsoever. And if everyone would have kept their mouth shut, nobody would have had second thoughts. But when a former Silent Hill developer – Tomm Hulett, in this case – suddenly responds in a condemnatory manner, things get a little suspish (my significant other made me use this word).

It could all be a weird coincidence, but there are plenty of people who are putting two and two together because of it. Oh well, I guess we’ll see at some point. If this truly is proof of an upcoming Silent Hill game, we’re bound to see more of it. According to AestheticGamer, there’s plenty more where this came from, but it won’t be shared until after Konami’s confirmation.