Have a cookie, and 25 minutes of Aliens: Fireteam gameplay

The weekend has officially arrived for most of us, and what’s more fun to do in your free time than watching other people have fun playing games? If your answer is “nothing”, rejoice! We’ve got some hot ‘n’ steamy gameplay for you to watch, thanks to IGN. The game in question is Aliens: Fireteam. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve talked about it a couple of days ago…

In case you missed my previous post on Aliens: Fireteam, here’s a recap. Aliens: Fireteam is a co-op third-person shooter in the world-famous Alien universe, created by Ridley Scott and H.R. Giger. Cold Iron Studios is trying to mend the wound that Gearbox Software tore open (by publishing the royal fuck-up called Colonial Marines) by trying to make you feel good about being a Colonial Marine again. How? Watch the video below, and behold.

As the video clearly shows, Aliens: Fireteam kinda has a Left 4 Dead-ish feel to it. A team of fresh Colonial Marines – sent off to investigate a distress signal – gets an interstellar meet & greet with a bunch of drooling Xenomorphs, who think you look rather tasty in your shiny armor. What better way to show you aren’t edible than a nice big cup of “get the fuck away”, accompanied by gun- and torch fire and turning Xenomorphs into crispies with holes in ’em.

Lucky for you, it doesn’t take a light-year (and that’s a unit of length, I know) for you to get your hands on Aliens: Fireteam. According to Cold Iron Studios, we should be able to fry up some Aliens somewhere this summer, unless you don’t own a PC, or an Xbox, or a PlayStation.