Alien Isolation coming to terrorize you on iOS and Android

The lethal game of space hide-and-seek called Alien Isolation is coming to mobile devices. Beware, this is not some cheap-ass spinoff with cutesy Xenomorph puzzles. This is the actual game as we know it since 2014. With mobile technology as advanced as it is, SEGA and Feral Interactive guarantee us “the complete survival horror experience brought to mobile without compromise.”

If you haven’t played Alien Isolation yet, let me ask you this. Where the hell have you been residing for the last seven years?! Being praised for its terrorizing claustrophobic vibe, Creative Assembly’s first-person survival-horror game has been declared an absolute smash hit. It has been a benchmark for hide-and-seek style survival games ever since. As of December 16, it will likely become a benchmark for mobile hide-and-seek games too.

Given it’ll be a mobile adaptation, Alien Isolation on Android and iOS will be mainly controlled by touch. But if you’re more into using a controller, you’re free to do so. The interface will also be fully customizable. All that for just 15 bucks.

Lucky for us, Feral Interactive is no stranger to porting games to handheld devices. In fact, Alien Isolation’s Switch port was also handled by Feral in 2019. So relax, the franchise is in good hands.

Oh, and a little sidenote to SEGA: this is your chance to get creative with the launches. What about an Alien iOS-lation Edition for Apple devices and a Bishop Edition for Google devices (since Bishop is an android too). No? I’ll let myself out.