Wakey-Wakey! Alan Wake Remastered release date spotted

According to Rakuten Taiwan, a remaster of Remedy’s Alan Wake is about to drop on our doorstep. With previous leaks reporting of its existence, this one seems to confirm that the game will be available next month. October 5th, to be precise. Games analyst Daniel Ahmad also chipped in on the latest leak, shining his flashlight on an upcoming announcement.

In case you haven’t been following the developments on the Alan Wake Remaster, here’s what happened. In June, people figured out through data on the Epic Store that the remaster was coming. Even though Epic thought that they were smart cookies by giving it a codename (HeronStaging), they forgot about the “CloudSaveFolder” property. Big oops there.

“HeronStaging” – “{UserDir}/Remedy/AlanWakeRemastered/”

Ever since, everybody has kept their mouths shut about it, until recently. Rakuten Taiwan listed the game on their store page, including a release date. Nowadays, people know that these SNAFU’s are usually covered up as abruptly as they appeared, so screenshots were taken. In this case, Twitter user @Wario64 got the drop on everyone and posted it.

Of course, all of this doesn’t actually guarantee us anything. I mean, one single screenshot doesn’t prove that we’re dealing with a legit leak of a release date. Getting it backed up by a trustworthy analyst makes it a lot more plausible though. One of those analysts is Daniel Ahmad, who is no stranger to people looking for accurate info before it goes public. According to Ahmad, Alan Wake Remastered will get announced this week. What else is coming this week? The PlayStation Showcase 2021.

If PlayStation actually seizes that moment to reveal the launch date of Alan Wake Remastered, PS-gamers should be double-excited. Why? Because this would mean that they can finally experience firsthand what all those Xbox fanboys have been rambling about for the past eleven years. “Yes, you have (fill in any PS4 exclusive), but have you played Alan Wake?”

Jeez, will I be glad when that’ll be a thing of the past…