After the Fall is another VR zombie shooter by Arizona Sunshine devs

If you’re a fan of whacking braindead corpses who just don’t seem to stay dead, you’ve probably heard of Arizona Sunshine. Vertigo Studios – the creator of this VR zombie onslaught – seems to stick with its guns with their new game called After the Fall, in which we’re tasked to pump undead trash full of some digital lead again. Only this time, you’ll be able to do it with three other gunslingers.

The setting of After the Fall is the post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, where things aren’t as pretty as they used to be. A big chunk of the residents doesn’t really seem to care as much about the environment and their general appearance anymore. Instead, they only seem to care about you, because you look like a fresh meal on legs. Luckily, nothing says “could you please not?” like a good ol’ bullet to the cranium.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any real gameplay footage to go by, only the cinematic trailer shown above. Then again, Vertigo Games has already revealed that After the Fall will utilize full VR controls to give you the sensation of being an overpowered 80’s action hero, fighting off undead scum with lifelike motions. You’ll be able to play it solo, accompanied by A.I. teammates, or in online co-op mode.

For now, that’s all that Vertigo Games has to share on After the Fall, although I expect them to share more quite soon. If all goes as planned, this VR zombie shooter launches this summer on PlayStation VR, PC VR, and other unannounced VR platforms. If you feel like giving it an early try, you’re able to register for the closed beta over here.