Avenge Thousandfold: Activision staff is supporting the lawsuit

It is almost impossible to have not heard about it, but Activision Blizzard is facing a serious lawsuit. The state of California is holding the publisher accountable for miscellaneous cases of sexual misconduct and sexism. People with a supervising role within the company are called to atone for the flagrant misuse of their position and justice must serve. There’s no denying that. Unless you are Activision Blizzard, who claims that most of the allegations are bloated and highly inaccurate. But guess what, Activision… there’s about a thousand of your (former) staff members who disagree with you.

Yes indeed, almost a thousand (ex-)employees of the American publisher are siding with the state of California. According to Bloomberg, every single one of ’em has signed a petition, supporting the pending lawsuit. These people would also like to add that Activision’s response to the allegations is downright appalling and insulting. Amen to that!

Because if it is all true, Activision Blizzard has hell to pay. After a two-year study – researching the work culture within the company – unspeakable issues have come to light. Not only are women treated unequally when it comes to salary and promotion, but there’s also a toxic work environment caused by sexual misconduct. And no matter how you look at it- be it from a factual or an opinionated perspective – that shit don’t fly with me. Or with anyone, I would like to think.

Yet, Activision Blizzard believes it’s being wrongfully accused because this is all “dated” and “taken out of context”. The cases presented by the state of California don’t represent the current situation, says the publisher. It admits that things have happened in the past. But the company claims it has ever since done everything to strive for a better work environment. And digging up old skeletons by referring to a case of sexual harassment that led to a suicide… not cool man. According to Activision Blizzard, that is.

In all honesty, if Activision Blizzard truly has everything under control, it has nothing to fear. But these allegations don’t just pop up out of nowhere, and neither does the support for the lawsuit. If things really are as bloated as the publisher claims, you’re not getting “sued” by a thousand people. Whatever the whole truth is, we’re bound to hear more about it. Of that I am sure.

Before I go, I’d like to end this post on a serious note. I know that my opinionated approach – which is usually cynical – has stirred up a bit of a controversy in this matter. As explained in my previous blog post, I do not condone any form of institutional sexism or sexual misconduct in any shape or form. If you feel like you are falling victim to it, speak up! Do not have it swept under the rug. Don’t let people pressure you into an uncomfortable situation, no matter what. Don’t stay silent. You have a right to speak up for yourself, as much as anyone else.