Kotick-gate: Part “Who’s counting?” – The Empire Strikes Back

Bobby Kotick – once a powerful CEO of a much-respected game publisher – seems to be taking more hits than a noob in Shipment. Allegations are being hurled at him left and right. The ABK is harassing him for complicity, fed by evidence in the hands of the Wall Street Journal. Man, it sucks to be Bobby. Lucky for him, his company has stepped up to protect him from those stupid harassers. Something that Bobby isn’t totally unfamiliar with if the allegations are true.

In case you didn’t read my previous post, here’s what’s happening. The ABK (Activision Blizzard King Workers Alliance) demands that Bobby Kotick steps down as CEO, as a result of Activision’s Zero Tolerance policy. The reason: he reportedly knew about numerous misconduct cases all along. In fact, he single-handedly blocked actions that would penalize the ones committing them. Time to skedaddle, Bobby, says the ABK.

According to Game Developer, Activision Blizzard has held an all-hands meeting with employees, answering a list of pre-screened questions. One of these questions had everything to do with Acti’s recently added zero-tolerance policy. Because, if uncle Bobby knew all about sexual harassment and if he actively tried to hide it, threatening people over the phone while doing it, he’d be a prime candidate for dismissal.

Activision Blizzard’s answer was firm. “No, there’s no reason why Kotick should resign. The lack of evidence acquits him. Those things that the Wall Street Journal is talking about, half of it has expired”. If you’re wondering what Acti’s talking about, they’re referring to the death threat voicemail left by Bobby in 2006. Since that has happened more than 10 years ago, it doesn’t count. Plus, he said he was sorry…

I guess our low-salary CEO will stay on for a little longer. Until his “No Evidence”perk wears off, that is.