Activision Blizzard’s assholery continues according to DFEH

If you don’t have the memory of a rock, you might just remember the shit that Activision Blizzard got itself into lately. According to the state of California, the renowned publisher has been acting like a total dick towards women. Not only by being ‘that creepy handsy dude’ but also by denying them equal pay and promotion opportunities. All that got Activision Blizzard sued and head honcho Bobby Kotick promised to do better. But according to California’s DFEH, things only got worse.

In fact, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing claims that Activision Blizzard is actively trying to withhold incriminating information. Employees are allegedly forced to sign waivers and NDAs, making sure that they won’t spill the beans. The DFEH even states that these orders are designed to control how much employees are allowed to say.

Then again, Activision Blizzard isn’t denying employees to talk to anybody about this entire shit show. If someone feels like ratting the company out, they can freely do so. Activision Blizzard even hired a law firm called WilmerHale to lend them a sympathetic ear, so they won’t have to cry about it when official investigators come knockin’. Because Acti doesn’t seem to like those investigators very much.

Oh ActiBliz, Y U do dis? Why are you making things harder on yourself? Simply firing a few people and sending out an apology note isn’t going to save you. You actually have to commit to it if you want to mend this gaping, festering wound. Hushing people and threatening them with heavy fines if they do talk isn’t exactly considered to be mending. It’s more like adding a bucket of salt to it.

And believe me, your investors aren’t too happy with your salt dispensing either. All that bad publicity is making them really anxious, you know. Your SNAFU is costing them money, and they really don’t like losing money. So get your shit together man! Just do it! Then maybe, people won’t be feeling guilty when they pre-order Call of Duty: Vanguard, or any other game of yours.

To be continued, undoubtedly. Oh, and a big thanks to VG247 for reporting it.